Marble composition Dimitra

Η μαρμάρινη σύνθεση Δήμητρα είναι ένα μοναδικό πολυτελές κομμάτι

The marble composition Dimitra is a luxurious, handmade and unique piece that can decorate your garden or your living room. A bouquet that will last for ever with 35sqm white marble flowers and 35sqm green marble leaves. Each flower and each leaf is unique and handmade. The polished white marble jar of Nestos completes the composition.

An impresive piece for interior and exterior decoration.

Dimensions: 27 X 18 X 18 cm – Weight: 4.9 Kgr
All our creations are unique and are delivered upon order.

Χειροποίητες μαρμάρινες δημιουργίες        Εγγύηση ποιότητας        Υποστήριξη πελατών

Price: 1800 €

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Each product is carefully packed in nylon bubble cushioning wrap. The packaging always has fragility label.